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Catalyst Consulting


A Proven Approach to Setting Up a Successful New Medical Practice

With over 300 medical practice startups under our belt, you can rely on Catalyst. Our practice start-up services include everything you need to take your practice from concept to reality. The success of your new practice is reliant upon having a stable and secure foundation and doing it right the first time. We work with you to develop a custom start-up plan to ensure we do everything we can to create your vision, mitigate risks and build for long-term success.

Catalyst Consulting

The complexity and effort needed to start a practice should not be underestimated. Every practice is different and will require a slightly different approach. We offer a wide variety of services and packages to fit every budget without compromising the end goal. Together with you, we creat a customized plan with all of the tasks that need to be accomplished. We then utilize our "effort calculator" to determine the amount of effort and hours it will take and we develop a project fee to accomplish that. That project fee is spread out over the months that we work with you to get you open for business. There are no surprises or hidden fees!

Our years of experience and hundreds of happy clients should give you confidence in our ability to launch your business. Below are some of the most common services utilized for our practice start ups.

  • Business strategy and planning

  • Market feasibility and due diligence

  • Legal and financial structure

  • Insurance and regulatory compliance

  • Pro forma development and loan procurement

  • Facility selection and buildout assistance

  • Equipment procurement

  • Technology and IT solutions

  • Credentialing, privileging and contracting

  • Staffing and HR handbooks

  • Billing set up- internally or outsourced solutions

  • Marketing and referral generation

  • Initial and ongoing practice oversight

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