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Credentialing / Contracting
Work smarter not harder. Let us show you how. From private practice to corporate health care organizations, Catalyst helps you maximize operational efficiency and optimize profitability.
New Provider Credentialing, Privileging & Contracting

What is Credentialing?

Credentialing is the process by which insurance carriers, facilities and hospitals verify that a medical provider meets various quality and regulatory standards. Entities do this by reviewing items such as an applicant’s education, medical licensure, state and federal registrations and certifications, professional liability coverage, as well as many other documents. This time-consuming task requires precise attention to detail and follow through.


Our highly efficient and trained staff makes certain that your applications move along swiftly, accurately and completely.


Catalyst Consulting works with providers to determine which insurance carriers and networks you would like to pursue participation status with. These carriers may include Medicare, Medicaid, commercial carriers and workman’s compensation carriers. Additionally, we apply for or update your CAQH database. Your credentialing specialist will also obtain fee schedules from contracted carriers and provide you with those to be utilized in the billing process.


Our skilled credentialing staff maintains strong relationships with health plans, hospital medical staff offices and government entities to allow for efficient processing of provider credentialing files and hospital privileges. We provide a cost efficient, reliable, outsourced solution for managing all of your credentialing and contracting hassles.


Our credentialing specialist completes the applications for you and continues to track the status of your applications until you are loaded in the carriers database. We provide ongoing updates to you and your staff throughout this process. All of your documents are maintained on our secure database. We become your outsourced credentialing and contracting department and coordinate with your front desk staff and billing company or staff.


Services Include:

  • Commercial Insurance Plan Provider Enrollment and Credentialing

  • Government Plan
    Medicare and Medicaid Provider Enrollment and Credentialing

  • Medicare Revalidation

  • CAQH Registration and Maintenance

  • NPI Registration

  • Ongoing Credentialing, Privileging & Expirables Maintenance Programs Contracting

Catalyst employs an expert team of specialists in contract procurement, evaluation, negotiation, compliance, and payment auditing.

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