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Profitability /  Performance
Work smarter not harder. Let us show you how. From private practice to corporate health care organizations, Catalyst helps you maximize operational efficiency and optimize profitability.
Mergers & Acquisitions

Why Merge?

  • Better Patient Care 

  • Ability to meet Market Demands

  • Competitive Advantage and Leverage with Community Partners

  • Cost Sharing / Economies of Scale Improved Reimbursement / Contracting

  • Joint Venture and Income Sharing Opportunities

  • Opportunity to Grow the Group with Relative Ease (if done right)

  • Opportunity to Recruit Key People

  • Compatibility Assessment Process

  • Administration

  • Billing

  • A/R aging

  • Employee benefits

  • Managed care contract utilization

  • Operational due diligence assessment

  • Professional liability analysis

  • Retirement plan evaluation

  • SWOT Analysis

  • Utilization and practice patterns

  • Competitive Analysis

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