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Credentialing / Contracting
Work smarter not harder. Let us show you how. From private practice to corporate health care organizations, Catalyst helps you maximize operational efficiency and optimize profitability.
Contractual Analysis and Goals:

Catalyst Consulting will conduct an initial contract analysis to develop a negotiation strategy and guide the process. We look for opportunities to renegotiate your largest payor contracts that will impact your bottom line.


As part of the analysis process we will perform the following services:

  • Meet with providers to determine specific concerns and goals

  • Identify largest payors by volume and revenue for your specific practice

  • Analyze revenue and percentage of your practice of dominant payors

  • Determine a contracting strategy to present to targeted payors


Negotiation Strategy
Based on the initial analysis, we work with organizations to develop a strategy that guides the contract negotiations process. Catalyst will work in conjunction with the Client to develop a contracting strategy. The following are a list of items that we will review:

  • Prioritize largest targeted payers to approach

  • Market differentiators - what sets you apart

  • Define risks associated with non-participation as leveraging tool

  • Determine negotiation strategies

  • Gather marketing information and outcomes data for use in the proposal and negotiation process

  • Contract Re-negotiations
    Catalyst has maintained strong working relationships with commercial insurance carriers and will utilize our acumen and resources to facilitate the process.

Services included in the negotiation process are as follows:

  • We act on your behalf to facilitate the introduction of your proposal and and request for an increase

  • We prepare financial analyses, as needed, to evaluate proposed pricing and counter offers

  • We facilitate communication and meetings to ensure negotiations progress at a reasonable pace and keep the Client informed as the process progresses

  • We evaluate the managed care contract terms, conditions and language as well as reimbursement rates upon agreement.

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